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      1. Antisera
        Widal&Weil-Felix Test
        Diagnostic Kit for IgG-Antibody
        About antisera
        About Widal&Weil-Felix Test
        About antibody assay kit
        Add: No.15, Tianmushan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo, China
        Tel: 86-574-26850168
        Fax: 86-574-86897948
        E-mail: web@tianrunbio.com
        Ningbo Tianrun Bio-pharmaceutical Co., LTD founded in April 2003£¬is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise, which engages in research and development of in-vitro diagnostic reagents. Our products include antisera, Widal&Weil-Felix agents and antibody assay kit (Elisa). We have obtained ”°Production Enterpriser Licence of Medlical Instrument”± (Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration No. 20130123), and passed ”°China Production Quality Management System Assessment”± (certificate number: 40-IP-2013-033). Our products also achieved ”°Registration Certificate For Medical Device”±. Our products possess high quality, and the antisera have passed WHO External Quality Aassurance system with 100% pass rate.

        Antisera mainly include four categories: Salmonella antisera, Shigella antisera, E.coli antisera and Group O1 Vibrio Choler antisera.

        Widal&Weil-Felix agents are used in Widal and Weil-Felix test for the detection of typhoid, paratyphoid and scrubtyphus.

        We have not only the high quality products, but also first-class service, which could provide technical support for customers in time.

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